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Frankie (some_name@some.domain.xxx) on Thursday, April 17, 2003 at 05:44:30

My_Fae_Message_: Hi friends,
I came across your wonderful and inspiring site while doing a google search for making shrines.  I was looking for a little inspiration before building my own shrine, which I am making for my new (*~!!!^) studio space, and I found myself delighted with your sweet site and radical faerie philosophy.  My demographics: I am an artist, I am female, I am American. I am currently living in France.  One of my ~faerie*"'~~ friends I went to design school with says a gay man lives inside me, so perhaps this part of my being guided my mouse to your site?  Well, who knows, but I did feel I should send you all at Moon Circle my heartfelt message of thanks for how do I express it?  For being peaceful shape-changers and making the world a better place!  Your bright lights shine on!
sincerely & much thanks,
frankie some last name
some place

Questionnaire_I_found_the_MoonCircle_website_by__: an accidental web search., google - looking for shrine inspiration

Questionnaire_Im_from__: France