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The fire, The smoke
The heat, the glow
This place is THE Mountain
For those in the know

For those in the know
Whose hearts have led them here
Being one with the fire,
Tonight, in this soft, crispy air

For those in the know
Who have found their tribe
Together again   
Feeling the vibes

Feeling the vibes
Of connecting again
To that fairy energy
Where has it been?     

Where has it been?
It's been here all along
Just waiting for you, me, us
As if . . . the perfect song

The perfect song
For us to sing
Expressing the truth
Of that which we bring

We bring to this fire
The gifts of our souls
The gifts of the tribe
The gift of losing control

Losing control
To give ourselves to the flame
Losing control
Lest we be seen as insane

Insane in a good way
Losing control
The flame is the director now
At one with our souls

At one with our souls
We drum and we dance
Each of us in step
With our own little prance

Our own little prance
We circle the flame
Our own little dance
We give up the game

The game, the illusion
That we are alone
The game, the illusion
Of bodies and bones

We dance to the fire
As our ancestors did
Connected in spirit
As if little kids

Drumming and dancing
Till all hours of night
Exchanging our energy,
Strengths, power, and light

Some of us naked
For those who are bold
The heat rises within us
Replacing the cold

Replacing the cold
With warmth instead
Is why we are here
And not in our own little beds

The fire our friend,
Our companion, tonight
The fire our friend
Providing the light

Giving its energy,
Giving us heat
Dancing around it
Resonating with the drumbeat

That beat of the drums
So primal and eternal
Speaks so to the soul
Of our body internal

Feeling so alive
Called forth by those in the know
Connected to the ethers
Connected to the flow

The flow of one
The flow of all
Being one with the fire
No boundaries, no wall

By Richiee 2001