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ROOM MATE & Rental


Need a Job & Looking to connect with other faes
Hello Faeries,
This is Flood. I have recently moved down here from San Francisco. I'm new to the area & looking to connect with other faeries. I don't have a car as of yet, so it's hard to get around. I'm living in Venice. I'm in dire need of a job. My experience is in health care facility management. I managed an acupuncture clinic in SF for two years & have quite a bit of experience in this field. If any of you happen to hear of anything
please let me know.

On another note, one of my faves, Salsa superstar, Celia Cruz, is doing a concert on the beach for Long Beach Queer Pride on Friday, May 16th. Tickets are $30 each. I was wondering if there are any of you who would be interested in forming a trip down there for this. If you haven't seen her, you're in for a treat.
If interested, let me know. Blessed Be. Flood in Venice 310-430-9994
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Reaching out.. Options for a young man..
I've read about some of your ideas as they relate to society and culture, and met some like-minded individuals while at Burning Man 2000. I am a young, liberal, gay man struggling with identity and my place in society; trying not to conform to those parts of society with which I do not agree. Our obsession with money and searching for acceptance through conformity are examples of aspects of our culture that I refuse to adhere to as I think they are mentally and psychologically unhealthy, and have driven many in my generation to a muted level of psychosis.

I am a talented individual. I am a performance artist and have experienced performing varied styles of vocal music and varied styles of dance including jazz, modern, street, and African. I have done a good share of manual labor and don't mind it. I believe, at times, pushing the limits of ones physical strength and endurance helps both the body and the mind. I have served time in large and small offices, active in various clerical positions. My typing speed has developed so that even my mother urges that I should look towards a career as a court clerk. How do I explain to her that I'd rather not contribute my skills to a system I feel is inherently flawed and does not adhere to the principles upon which it was supposedly founded? I have studied Taoism and some of the philosophies and practices of Buddhism and Confucianism, and although I see their points, there is not one that is central to my beliefs. I have embraced the younger generation and those members of our population whose rights are the last to be fought for: aiding summer retreat programs for urban youth and developmentally disabled adults, as well as for young students who are gifted in various areas of the
arts; each time having my efforts hampered by bureaucracy and constant quasi-corporate, conservative rhetoric and practice.

I'm sure there must be options for a young man wary of compromising his ethics in order to exhibit his talents while making a contribution to that part of
society to which he feels he belongs. If one finds a department store sells sneakers that are manufactured in a way that is disagreeable to him, does he not discontinue his patronage and consider other options? I am attempting to consider those options for living while still being able to eat and be sheltered in a positive environment--which has become more than a challenge as of late--and I am reaching out to this positive subculture for answers, rather, more questions that might lead me further down the path of enlightenment.
With the hope that a discussion will ensue that will prove to be advantageous to all, Peace and Love Jemille jem747sabotage@yahoo.com
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Seeking fellow tigger thirty-somethings to date, explore and be with here and  now.  soulful love may be in the future for us.  me: 35, 5'8", 135, brn/brn, artist/educator.  you: fabulous, imperfect, joyful adult. reply to mikeydance@yahoo.com
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Ride Share! Hey Everybody!  I live in Fullerton, CA and was wondering if there were any other O.C. faes that go to the Moon Circle gatherings, if so could I get a ride. I've never been to a faery gathering and figured it's about time I start.  I would be more than willing to help pay for gas.  You can e-mail me at willowravynwood2001@yahoo.com or call me at 714-225-7342.  Thanks! Love, Light, and Faery Dreams, Willow =====
Find out way too much info. about me at http://www.geocities.com/willowravynwood2001
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Same-sex marriage I am the co-chair of the newly formed chapter of the Marriage Equality CA coalition and we are seeking committed activists and those who would simply like to see a change in the dialogue around the issue of equal rights to marriage for same sex couples. We are holding a rally for National Freedom to Marry Day on the Third Street Promenade at 7:00pm on Feb. 12, 2002, and we need volunteers to help make this event a success! Please go to our website at www.MarriageEqualityCA.org  for more details and joining the coalition is FREE! We want your energy, creativity and commitment! I can be contacted directly at LACAMIKE@aol.com  or at 310-559-7217.  Michael Sausser
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SEEKING PERSONAL ASSISTANT I am looking for somebody who actually knows the definition of "clean" to assist a 20plus year HIV survivor with doing deep cleaning of a 2 bedroom (one is used as a den) 3 bath townhouse in Culver City, near Sepulveda and Venice Bl, I have 3 cats and 2 amazing doggies that will just rip out your heart with love, a lover who I cannot seem to get trained any better than the dogs are about doing it, and would need to do approximately 4 small loads of laundry once a week, schedule if flexible. I prefer somebody who will devote +/- 7 hours each time and I will pay $75.00. No taxes paid or deducted. This person could be a male or female, but really must have an ability to do their work without supervision and have basic common-sense idea of when something is clean, where to look for dust and dirt, and take pride in their work. I am easy to get along with, some people even think I am cute in a se! xy, 185 pound 6'1" tall sort of way!
**ALSO!!** I desperately need to have someone who has experience with Personal Organization to help me get a handle on the chaos I call my filing/storage/kicknack hell! I am really in need of somebody who has professional skills in doing this type of work or an innate knowledge of how to get a home and personal effects into an orderly and useable state! Being anal retentive is a plus!!! (something that I am NOT!!)
Michael Sausser 310-559-7217 or cell  310-936-6001
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Mohabee is available for love & joy! Come and get him! Last seen lurking with camera in the Mojave Desert, this adventurous soul creates fun, passion, and magic. He's ready to share, love, and intrigue. Don't miss this opportunity. Best suited for non-smokers, and those who get "high" on clean desert air alone. Contact Mohabee Now!  Email: Mohabee@Earthlink.net
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ISO of a Roommate Situation Posted January 16th, 2004
gwm, age 45, iso of a roommate situation. Smoke and chemical free responsible Chatty Cathy. People seem to think that I make good company. Your friends won't ask you where you found this weirdo. I am clean if not terribly tidy in my private space. I have a lot of experience with roommates and respecting boundaries. I have a steady income and will not commit to anything that I can't handle.
Currently paying $665 a month which doesn't include utilities. Would like to be near MTA and pay less, of course.
Randy 323 665 6940 http://hometown.aol.com/debbaal
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Studio Available for Sublet for February and/or March 2004
New York City faerie is going to South Asia for two months! Know anyone who would want to stay in fabulous Greenwich Village this winter at the heart of it all? Cozy, fully furnished studio available at ideal location, West 10th Street between West 4th and Bleeker for two months beginning February 1st, exact dates negotiable. Located on second floor facing quiet street in elevator building. Separate eating area/hallway and small kitchen. Ideal candidate would be a quiet non-smoking professional without a pet. $1,400 per month plus utilities, broadband (computer use negotiable) and possible home phone (currently non-existant). Deposit required.
Please respond to sri derek at dereknewman @ hotmail.com. Thanks!

hello.  my name is jamie daniel.  i'm looking for a room to rent in a spiritual home.  can afford up to $650/month.  i'm male, just turned 45.
call 213-220-1111 anytime. RibTurtle@aol.com
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Roommate to share my 2-bedroom apartment  posted 11-23-02
"I'm looking for a roommate to share my 2-bedroom apartment. The soon-to-be-empty room will be vacated on or about December 1st. Furniture includes one twin bed, a desk with drawers, an end table/nightstand, possibly some other pieces if desired. Share kitchen, bathroom, and living room, which is used late-nights for sleeping by other roommate. Connections already present for private phone line and/or cable TV. Room is reasonably spacious, near the back of a fairly quiet 13-unit building on Robertson Blvd. Carport spaces are unassigned, first-come/first-served, but street parking is always close and easy to find. Asking $400 per month plus 1/2 utilities, slightly negotiable, payable in advance. Kim Fugal (310-838-8582) Qempyrean@aol.com
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Seeks a new place to nest
Hindu fairy Shiva Tapioca (Bennett Schneider) seeks a new place to nest.  Creative man wants single or shared space for long term habitation.  Can offer pet sitting, costumes and makeup for any event, good conversation, meditation and spiritual rituals and practices, and computer help/advice. Need, storage space, home for furnishings (hey, want to share my washer and drier?), and roommate OK with visiting friends and family from time to time (like once a year).  Looking in teh area boundaried by Western, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, and Baldwin Hills.  Can pay upto $600,-650.  Did I mention I can offer you chances to join in any Gay Pride parade in Southern California if you like?  I can be reached at
323-934-2912 or at Ekata@aol.com.
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Seeking Occasional Sofa-space in Los Angeles
Hi, all. I'm an ESL teacher, magazine editor, and radio DJ currently living in Palm Springs, but I work (and play ) in L.A. a couple of times a month and sometimes it's a hassle to drive there and back the same day, hence this message.

I'm wondering if anyone in L.A. has space for a nice neat considerate non-smoker to crash every once in a while. In return, I offer the same at my place in Palm Springs. My apartment is not large or particularly luxurious, BUT I do have a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a Jacuzzi with an amazing view of the San Jacinto Mountains. Perhaps once in awhile you get the urge to drive out to the desert for the evening (amazing evening weather right now), and you just don't want to deal with the hassle and expense of a hotel. So there you go. By the way, if you need a house-sitter anytime during July and August, I'd be happy to help. No problem to feed the mail, water the pets, and collect the plants. Thanks for thinking of me... Gabriel (aka Lele) loneranger202@hotmail.com
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SEEKS ROOM MATE/NEED TO MOVE Wolfie (Wolfgang Martin Pitchman) needs to move. Currently living at 1622 N. Lucile Ave. in Silver Lake. He has a 'sweet' dog. He may be reached at Home 323-953-1230, Mobile 818-400-9626, & WOLFltd@jps.net
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LOOKING TO ROOM WITH SOMEONE Wanted: "I am seeking a roommate who doesn't smoke cigarettes (other stuff smoked, I don't care!)and would enjoy living with my cat and/or you also have a cat! -Please be a cool, non-flaky Faerie and willing to pay up to $450/month to share either a 1 or 2 -bedroom place, an apartment within 8 miles of West Hollywood. (Not into West Hollywood per se, but I work there!!!) Also, I want to room with someone within 10 years of my age, which is 37-so you be 27 to 47. THANKS!!! LOVE!!! PEACE!!!!<> Paul Hovey
e-mail Paul_Hove@yahoo.com or call 323-848-2222 ext. 332
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