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Who are these "Moon Circle guys?"

These are just some of the guys you're likely to meet at Moon Circle.
The names have been hyperlinked to their personal websites if they have one.

Matrix (AKA : Leonardo -formerly Marc in a previous Hollywood life.) I'm Moon Circle's curator and this website's webmaster. While I think it's fun to have a drink or two around a camp fire I'm against the use of "stimulants" in my home where most of Moon Circle's social events take place.
See also A Yahoo Profile.
Kaweah (Scotty) from Tujunga always brings a cheery face and a loving demeanor.
Avatar (David) & Surya Lovingly referred to as "The Twins" they are "crafty" at knitting, crochet, origami, sewing, and tie-dye.
Uhulurulu (Ed Wahl) Mandala maven, wizard, performer (piano, song, performance-art), and artist.
Donatelo Activist, Teacher, Husband, Father, Play-write with a Theater Company. See also
... and other curious strangers

Behind the Scenes

Dolphyn (Brett) A dear friend and faerie who lives in Redwood City, CA. He is the benevolent Moon Circle website host via his own internet company He has also donated web hosting space to Starland.
Mohabee (Milton) resident maven of Yucca Valley's California desert "fae inspired" Homestead, Starland. When possible, joins us for the campouts and sometimes reserves our favorite camping spot out a Bowen Ranch.
Phoenix (Ramon) Beloved, a true Faerie-Elder and spiritual pilgrim, without which Moon Circle would not have come to exist. Phoenix encouraged me (Matrix) to forge a "brotherhood" of Faeries in Los Angeles. He enjoys the company, energy, warmth, and love that the Moon Circle Faeries bring and share. It's always an adventure. He'd like to see the Moon Circle Faeries develop into a vibrant community that will take it's place socially and politically. "An informed community can achieve it's vision."
Laughing Boy The late Paul Madrigal and friend to Phoenix, Laughing Boy met Matrix in about 1992 at West Hollywood's RAGE disco and eventually introduced him to the mystical magical fabulous Radical fAERIES.

In memory of Serendipity (Anthony)
Picture details -unknown

In memory of Fire Fox
We will miss Starland's Fire Pit builder.
September 1st 2001
Faerie Picnic at West Hollywood Park

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