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For about the last 3 or so years the Southern Cali Faeries have been working, communing, and enjoying Starland in these little know rural desert hills known as, get this..., Flamingo Heights! It's near Yucca Valley, 45 miles from Palm Springs. A near straight shot down the 10 Freeway from Los Angeles about a 150 miles and just under 3 hours in good traffic, quite honestly. But come and join our kick-back family.  I know you'll like  it here. Anything can be done here. We've done many events and seasonal rituals here. Go ahead, create something for yourself and friends. There's lots to do here in many ways.

You can volunteer time to help Starland become more livable or or just relax and enjoy the nature or good company that may follow you here. It's your place to call a home away from home.

Starland now has cabin and RV facilities, cooking facilities, a large main activity hall, refrigerators, showers, hot tub, TV lounge, a fire pit, and a whole lot more.

Some come create, recreate, or do something for yourself or friends.

All are welcome!

Blessed be

Yucca Valley
Flamingo Heights

Your own special oasis in the Desert
Intimate & Private


Guest have traditionally stayed at Starland for intimate weekend get together of many kinds. Sometimes just to get away from the city. At Starland you can cook your own food, have a nightly camp fire, play parlor games (Provided), or create your own events, and more! There's lots of beautiful desert to hike around in. The terrain is hilly with lots of interesting trails.

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