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Pipa sez don't change the constitution!

Hello, Friends ...

As you know, I try not to send out too many generic GAKs to everyone <I generally hate the mass e-mail approach for any reason> BUT I'm very disturbed that something very important is about to happen by the people we have chosen to politically take care of us and the dialogue seems to be sandwiched right between what shampoo will make my teeth look younger and whiter and I can't believe I just saw a woman's breast during the national football game of the year.

My position is simple. I think that allowing OUR government to change The Constitution needlessly and with what I believe is purely for fear driven, short sided politics is WRONG. Changing the constitution to disregard, separate, or alienate ANY set of Americans is a HUGE step in removing basic freedoms that this country was founded on . I'm concerned!!!

Regardless on where you stand on the issue of marriage, family values, gay rights, etc..., please just take a moment and think in broader terms to ask yourself a few questions. For example, I've asked myself the following... Is changing The Constitution really a good move for the future of Our Country and future generations? Why is it so important to the foundation of Our Country that we have to ensure that some people should not be equal by re-writing the documents which give us Our Country's foundation, the Constitution? Once we allow changes impacting a segment of US Citizens in Our Constitution, will it become easier for us to allow for more changes that take away from what we were taught are the basic rights for all Americans?

Without going into all of my own personal thoughts on the matter, I just need to ask that you tune into your own thoughts on the matter for a moment, do a little research if needed to get a full picture of the political babble, and take a stand one way or the other and let it be known.

If you feel strongly like I do, then I suggest that you contact your Senators immediately with a call, a note, or a letter & tell them how you feel. They are voting on this in three weeks! Besides which side of the middle they sit on, its just another number game for many of them. One call equals a percentage of what the people think in their region who are going to vote for them next election. Your just another number of the tallies to them and they will vote as per their Party unless they think that their voters think differently.

Personally I don't care too much for calls or letters so I find a venue on-line, like Human Rights Campaign You can go to their site at the link below, type in your contact information, and they automatically send in your letter for you. If you go there and don't want to be put on their mailing list, make sure to uncheck the boxes below your info so that you don't get a lot of crap e-mail from them <its illegal in the US to send crap e-mail without your consent so they automatically give you the choice to receive e-mails unless you consciously say NO - I always say NO>.

Okay, enough of this, huh? Thanks for making it through this GAK. Sometimes I have to be heard by the people in my life because I'm a passionate man and I get so mad at how short sighted and manipulative BS politics can be. Argggggggggh! Okay, definitely time to stop before I go on and on and on and on....

Love you,

(I'm hoping the Faerie List Maintainer du saison will pass this through to everyone on faerie@queernet, though I'm not currently on-list. Thanks in advance!)

Hi all,

As most of us know, not long ago a talented artist, writer, and director in our community, Eric Om Slade, created "Hope Along the Wind", a beautiful and powerful documentary about the life of Harry Hay, one of the men who named, offered forms to, and inspired our radical faerie communities. Many public stations across the country have agreed to show this documentary, including:


And, many stations (including, shockingly, Oregon Public Broadcasting in Portland, 503/244-9900, have not. Also, even when stations have agreed to show it, they've sometimes scheduled it into ridiculous, middle of the night timeslots.

Public broadcasting stations are relatively responsive to viewer input, when we choose to give it. I personally feel this lovely and well-produced cultural message *needs* to be seen outside our own communities. And so, I am going to call and email my local station and ask them to show this documentary in a GOOD time slot (7pm, or 9pm at the very latest).

Will you too? If you'd be willing to do this, you can find contact information for your local PBS station through this link:

PBS Station Finder:

And you can get all the details about the documentary here: "Hope along the Wind" website:

Just a few respectful, excited calls and emails could make a big difference in getting this positive, beautiful image of a powerful, queer man's life out in front of more people. How often do we get the chance to engage in the "cultural wars" through popular beauty and passion?! Here's one right now!



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