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What or Who are fAERIES?
Harry Hay
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What is Moon Circle?
Updated April 16, 2010

Moon Circle is primarily a gay male social entity made up of the friends of Lobo... and other curious strangers -See Moon Circle Community.

Moon Circle does not claim to be what Faeries are all about, but Moon Circle was definitely inspired by the Radical Faeries.

When -see Calendar
Moon Circle used to enjoy and offer communal events of many different kinds. We used to get together as often as we could, which recently hasn't been very much. I recommend visiting Los Angeles Radical Faerie Redux, a new Los Angeles Radical Faerie entity that uses "" They have regular meetings... please do check them out.

-usually at Matrix's, but can be anywhere:
 Pot-Lucks, Cook, Take-Out, -Hang Out, Watch TV/Videos -whatever.
 Arts and Crafts -sometimes blended with events and/or spiritual ritual (Drawing Mandalas, Constructions, Gourd Painting, Origami, Candle-Making, Tie-Dye, Sewing, Crochet, Knitting)
 Celebrations and Rituals of many kinds for birthdays, seasons, and other meaningful events.
 "Massage Circle" -rare.
And also we love and enjoy to promote Starland in Yucca Valley with many visits. Matrix is a community member of Starland for over 10 years.

Outings (when the spirit calls us):
Movies, Picnics, Bicycle-rides to anywhere; the movies, a museum, the beach, whatever.
 Campouts -considered sometimes as a Faerie Gatherette as opposed to a full-scale faerie gathering -usually at Bowen Ranch (My favorite) where we can camp privately and have access to the incredible Deep Creek natural hot springs. See for lots of info about Deep Creek.
 Starland (my other most favorite place -I will move there end of 2007) visits -attend a Starland Volunteers "Work & Play" Weekend with us where we visit a fabulous Faerie-Inspired communal desert homestead. This is one of our favorite outings because we get to hang out with friends, meet new friends, just hang out, enjoy the local desert and community, happily help out the Starland homestead (the volunteer part), and stay for free!

To foster and promote friendships, community.
Here's what else comes to mind... non-conventional, non-mainstream, non-commercial, non-judgmental, honesty, sincerity, responsibility, integrity, commitment, community, bonding, growth, learning, awareness, and spirituality.

You have an open invitation to take part in Moon Circle's offerings as well as to make offerings to Moon Circle. If you can offer or know of something that would be of interest to Moon Circle, please feel free to let us know. - matrix AT Moon Circle . org. For example, you may offer to share your talents as others have offered, such venues as tie-die classes, mandala making sessions, writing workshops, healing touch classes, rituals, and performances.

A picture tells a thousand words. see the Pictures & History section for a glimpse of what we have been up to.

Inspired by the Radical Faeries, Matrix, then known as Marc, called Moon Circle into being about 1995 after the old Star Circle , Los Angeles' Radical Faerie contingent began to fade. Star Circle had been the Los Angeles based Fae Circle for years until about 1994. Associates included Harry Hay ("The Duchess" himself) & "'N'-John" (Harry's lover), Moon-Calf, Chas, Leona Porchina, Craigee-poo, Dorothy, Crane, Laughing Boy, Phoenix, Ho-ho, Spyder, Shiva  Tapioca, Eartha-Madre, and many others. All of whom who had  inspired and had shown great love. It is out of this great love that the Fae community of open-hearted gay men would continue to meet.

Moon Circle began with a monthly Full Moon Faerie Heart Circle at Matrix's house. Since then we have tried many things. A web picture archive site will eventually be erected to show the growth pattern of Moon Circle. For nearly a year we did massage circles every New Moon and there were other events between, such as solstice and equinox rituals, small gatherette campouts, and more recently, crafts workshops. More about the past will be posted later.

A little about Matrix
I went to my first Faerie gathering Thanksgiving week in 1993 at Camp Shalom in Malibu, California. It was also the last annual Faerie Gathering to happen at that particular camp. A year later, one more "official" and the very last Southern California Faerie Gathering happened near San Diego on a private camp. That would be the last full-on big Faerie Gathering that Southern California would ever see. Since then smaller "Gatherettes" would happen in the local deserts South or East of Los Angeles. So this desert gathering tradition continues with Moon Circle along with little happenings in the Los Angeles vicinity.

RADICAL FAERIES are currently forging a unique "Queer" culture and have been for many years that is separate from most typical commercial "gay" trappings.

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