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Moon Circle Mandala Event
2004 November 13th by Ed Wahl
Theme: Into the Labyrinth

We drew our own colorful labyrinths and mazes. AMAZING !!! What inner part do you put in the middle, that special core of a space that is your spiritual oasis from the busy world?

Main Archive
Mandala Pictures:

Into the Labyrinth 11/13/04
Mask Making Mandala 10/9/04 -pics to come
Circles of Frivolity 9/13/04
Building a Mandala Altar 8/28/04 -pics to come
What You are Not 8/7/04 -pics to come
Super Heroes & Villains 7/10/04

Past Samples Misc.

20041009 Mandala
20040913 Mandala
20040710 Mandala
Samples misc.


"Trois" by Avatar