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2004 July 10 by Ed Wahl
Theme: Super Heroes AND Super Villains

On this Mandala event, we expressed our super heroes and/or super villains.
Click on images below to enlarge. More pictures here: Other Samples
20040710 Benevolent Sugar Daddy.jpg
Benevolent Sugar Daddy by Robert
20040710 Feeling Power Matrix.jpg
Feeling-Power by Matrix
20040710 Lick This Moonpie.jpg
Lick This by Moonpie
20040710 Super Leo Super Word.jpg
Super Leo Super Word by Leo
20040710 SuperEd-JabbaTheHutt.jpg
Super-Ed & Jabba the Slutt by Ed
20040710 Vulva-Implosion Gabe.jpg
Vulva-Implosion by Gabe
20040710 Witch David_Phipps.jpg
Witch by David_Phipps

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