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Universal Drumming
World Tribal Hand Drumming Class
with Electro-World Percussionist
Alex Spurkel (Sony Digital, Electric Skychurch [former], Zen Dancing)

Next session begins Wednesday July 7 and runs for 4 weeks thru July 28, 2004
Check the website for changes and specifics. These class sesssions usually recur beginning every fist Wednesday of the month.

at Bang-A-Drum in Los Angeles (1255 S. La Brea, south of Olympic across from Burger King).

7:00 8:15pm on Wednesday nights

...NO drum or experience required, just the DESIRE TO ENJOY DRUMMING!

> Beginner Level Class with integrated Intermediate
(different parts given to students of different skill levels)

** Extra drums available courtesy of Bang A Drum **

- Universal Tribal Hand Drumming techniques!
- African, Middle-Eastern, Brazillian, Western rhythms...and more!
- Effective group playing
- Polyrhythms and different meters
- Exercises to strengthen your timing, technique, and speed
- Improvisation & Soloing
- and MUCH MORE!

Registration: $60 for 5-class session (single-class drop-ins are $15 and limited to space availability.)

RSVP: Please RSVP if you plan to attend! Class sizes are limited so please hurry!

RSVP By Phone: 323-930-2248 or email

*** For more info check out!! ***

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Experience of a Heightened Sense of Beauty.

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