It was so refreshing to be back in the fold, and I was surprised (you'd think I'd stop being surprised after all these years of gatherings) at how quickly and easily Fae Space was captured and defined.  All the clichés and all the platitudes are true.  We are kindred and we are good for each other simply by getting together.  Our paths are so convoluted, like the vines that Thorn described, far be it from any of us to try to understand, much less dish.  About the only thing I'm sure of these days is that I'm still on my path.  It's just a crazy path.

Right before Thorn read my cards I said to myself, "It's time to go hear what you already know -- again."  As I cut them, I held the cards first to my forehead, then to my heart, and then to my crotch.  That's what I do with invoices I send out for services I've rendered; it's what I do with the wads of cash tricks pay me for sharing my Faerie sex.  It's my ritual of honoring a personal trinity: my intellect, which plots and schemes how I shall manifest prosperity; my heart, which maintains compassion for those I'm doing business with; and my sexuality, which connects me to the earth, the cosmos, and the God-source itself.  We wound up with one of the most powerful readings I've ever experienced. 

The future is uncertain and hindsight is 20/20.  The hardest thing to understand is the present.  I'm not too sure what I'm doing with my life right now but I am sure it's OK, especially with a clan to check in with every now and then.  Thank you for being there, for listening and for respecting my canine companion.  Spooge is kindred, too, and he thinks you all are "just all right."  He gets so excited watching over camp that he shivers and gets a hard-on.  He loves swimming with you all so much he can't stay out of the water when he hears a splash, even when he's exhausted.  But I think he gets a little confused when we mud up...  Not only does it change our color but I'll bet it covers up our stink for a while, too.