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 Moon Circle presents

Deep Creek informal Campout
at Bowen Ranch
fAERIES & Kindred

Men are invited who'd enjoy the company of men

Date to be announced 2009
No RSVP necessary, just show up.
Come earlier or stay later.

What to bring

Directions to Deep Creek

More Questions? Email me


Pictures  -a little Faerie history
 at the Bowen Ranch/Deep Creek
 May 1 Beltaine with the Caill Draig boys
2004 June 26-27: We invited Hot Spring Hounds
2003 June 21 gathering bug pictures
2001 July: The "Calling Spirit" Gathering

This is one of the hot pools. You can see a bit of the creek in the back.
Picture by Matrix about 1998?
More on Deep Creek at
What do people say about the Deep Creek experience?
Kaweah speaks, Ho Ho speaks, Kevin speaks

The Fire a Faerie poem by Richiee

Osiris and the group from Los Angeles Radical Faerie Redux are calling our brothers to join us at Bowen Ranch / Deep Creek for an informal Faerie campout. Tell your friends, bring'em along.
We're expecting to have camp setup at our customary favorite spot, just past the Bowen Ranch entrance way down on the left after you enter. Look for a big blue tent. We hope to be at the camp by Saturday noon... but we may be able to be there on Friday. Some of us know where this spot is can "hold" this spot for us.

Anyway, as usual, we hope for nice long hang-outs down by the springs, soaking, swimming, napping, noshing, and just being out in this most beautiful of desert canyons. Nudity is completely optional.

- Drums - Costumes - Crafts or talents - Altar items - Ritual items -Incense and colorful stuff.

Other essentials to bring:
- Tent, good tent stakes in case of wind, quilts/sleeping bags/mattress
- Food for yourself and for communal meals if you like. Bring a stove or you may also cook something in the fire-pit.
- Ice chest with lots of ice, water, sun showers, towels -other hygiene stuff -shovel, toilette paper... just in case the out house may not be available.
- Plates, forks, spoons, knives, paper towels
- You can park close to camp, so small RVs and trucks work too

What's the religion? Is this some kind of cult?
Does "fAERIE" qualify as a religion? Bring your own special blend... what is Pagan, Druid, Wicca, Zen, Buddhism, Atheism, etc? Mostly, just bring a positive and open attitude.

The Tradition

Hang-out, sleep, be lazy, do nothing, hike, sight-see, take pictures, or join-in. Make spontaneous ritual. See and experience the Deep Creek natural hot springs.

At the campsite (Bowen Ranch):
Campfire, Drum Circle, Naked Dancing, Heart Circle, Boys in skirts, Butch Drag, Howling at the Moon, Feasting, & Spontaneous Magique!!

At the Creek:
Swim in the creek, soak in the springs, naps, and a picnic.

Bowen Ranch a few picts of the ranch
Bowen Ranch is a privately owned campground where we have chosen a private area to park, pitch tents, and create a private Faerie Village. Our camping area on the "ranch" is so private and the ranch is so "cool" that we can truly "be ourselves". That means nudity is optional and you can be as "fae" as you want! I personally like this option. At our "Faerie Village" we can sleep, cook our own meals, and enjoy a nightly campfire. Sometimes Faerie magic happens! Drumming, naked dancing around the campfire, and more! The actual Deep Creek Hot Springs are a two mile hike from camp.

Deep Creek Hot Springs a few picts of the creek More about Deep Creek
The Deep Creek Hot Springs
are a two mile hike away from Bowen Ranch. We usually take a daily trip down to the creek and hot Springs beginning in the morning and return later in the day. We make a "day" of it by bringing snacks and a towel or whatever to lounge on. The whole hike is really a scenic beauty and breath-taking when you finally see the springs area. There's nothing like it! Down at the hot springs you can hang out, hike, bask in the sun, soak in one of the hot springs, swim in the creek, have lunch, or whatever. At the creek it's more public but clothing is still optional and the people are pretty cool. Anything goes just respect the land, the environment, and other visitors.

There is no need to register with Moon Circle or Bowen Ranch. Just show up with $10 per person per over-night for Bowen Ranch and hang out with us on the date(s) mentioned above. You may visit Bowen Ranch anytime of the year..


FIREWOOD... lots of fire wood
$10 cash per person per over-night stay for the camp ground (Bowen Ranch), $5 for a day pass.
Tent, Sleeping bag, Hiking Boots, Warm Clothes for sometimes cold nights, Shade? Bring a Canopy

WATER, Food (***some which to share for communal meals***),
Plate, Cup, Spoon, Knife, Fork (stove may be provided).
Did I say FIREWOOD... lots of fire wood

Personal hygiene stuff, any prescription or over the counter medicines you need, Sun-block lotion, "Sun shower" if you have one, Toilet paper, Towel.

Altar items.
Other things to bring...
Drag (if you are into it), Book to read, Journal, pen, Drums or other musical things. drums drums drums drums drums....., Chair to sit on, Camera (please ask before taking someone's pict.)
FIREWOOD... lots of fire wood
Any other stuff you might need. Remember, the only facility is an out house.
FIREWOOD... lots of fire wood
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Fun Maps --click here
Official & original maps from Bowen Ranch. 6221 Bowen Ranch Rd., Apple Valley, CA 92308

Directions: (Revised June 25, 2005)
Bowen Ranch
camp ground & Deep Creek
natural hot springs.
Here I've placed a few different links for maps and directions. Check them out.

    From LA, take the San Bernardino Freeway I-10 East to I-15 North.
Exit Bear Valley Road East towards Lucerne Valley (at Hesperia). Continue on
Bear Valley Road 9.8 miles.
Turn Right on Central Road -go 3.0 miles.
Turn Left on Ocotillo Way -go 2.3 miles.
Turn Right on Bowen Ranch Road -go about 6.0 miles to the not turn off main road!! There are other ranches along the way, stay on main road. The dirt roads should not be a problem for passenger cars... Prepare to pay about $5 per night per person (cash preferred) at the ranch entrance (you cannot miss literally is at the end of the Bowen Ranch Road).
See the RED letters that say House/Entrance above the little break in the faded RED line, that's the entrance. After you stop and pay your entrance fees continue to drive down and left at an angle along the dirt path. Our camp will be about the first left-most camp at the end of that dirt path from the entrance. Only about 50 yards from the entrance.
You should see a "Faerie sign" somewhere there to show you that you're pointed in the right direction.

Click here to see another map to Bowen Ranch

     You might also like to use the Yahoo Map thingies below to get you to Bowen Ranch but keep a copy of the directions above for when you arrive at the "ranch". Yahoo will give you a little different directions than the directions above but both will get you there in good time.
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Bowen Ranch