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This event was such a smashing hit that we decided to do it again the following Wednesday.

For our ornaments we used a few different things: Pine cones, classic glass bulb ornaments, and "Coyote Melons" or Coyote Gourds (right from Starland). The gourds were the perfect little shapes for our ornament making. They can be real masterpieces. The Gourds were sealed with a single light coat of clear satin poly urethane. The reason for this is because it was noticed that when applying acrylic water based paint that the gourds would react the same they would as if it were raining in the desert, they'd began to crack open and spill their seeds! As you will see anything could be attached or glued to these little spherical wonders. Suffice to say they're a lot of fun!

The pictures were taken by me (Matrix) with my little $850 Mavica which stores images on a simple floppy. The images max out at just under a mega pixel but the camera takes amazing close-ups.

I wish I had taken a picture of the buffet, that was pretty amazing too... as always!

Well, enjoy the pictures. 'Hope to see you all around sometime here and there.