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Massage Circle 5-13-2002

Energy Play 6-10-2002

'What the Hell' 7-10-2002

Night of Healing 8-8-2002

Movie Night 9-6-2002

Tie-dye 10-6-2002

Shrine making 11-4-2002

Ornaments 12-4-2002

Thursday October 6th 2002

Surya and David presented

A first-time-ever premier event... a colorful success.

This was exciting since I had never done tie-dying before and had always wanted to. This new "cold water" method using procion dyes was way less complicated than boiling water.

Surya and David taught us a variety of methods for making different patterns and effects. We learned to make spirals, Yin-Yang spirals, Mirror Images designs, and even specific designs such as the Peace Symbol, almost anything that can be drawn can be tie-dyed.

Thanks to Michael R., Danny, Scott, David P, Surya, and Tom for a really fun time, Matrix
We will do another one of these real soon!

PICTURES!: See actual pictures from event, click here or below on small thumbnail pictures...

All the garments you see are my first-time work. Others work will be pictured here later.
We tie-dyed over-alls, long johns, button-up shirts and T-shirts, Tank tops, shorts.... anything 100% cotton will work.

This section below seriously UNDER CONSTRUCTION if you follow these directions you will screw yourself up...  :-)

Crinkle A Crinkle B   Yin-Yang Shirt B  
1. Just randomly crinkle the shirt
2. Use plenty of rubber bands to make it tight.
3. Apply the dyes

1. Cross your hands so your left finger is on the right X and your right finger is on the left X. Shirt is face down.

2. Turn them clockwise. You will notice pleats forming
Sp!ral A Sp!ral B Sp!ral C Mirror Image A Sp!ral D Mirror Image B Sp!ral E

Mirror Image C

1. With a wooden spoon, twist and twist until pleats form.
2. Don't let the pleats get too high or climb on each other.
3. Leave the spoon


1. Fold the shirt in half
4. Slide on the first two rubber bands.

2. Make a spiral with the wooden spoon on the folded edge of the shirt for an eye of the peacock feather look.
Make a spiral with the wooden spoon on the folded edge of the shirt. This will create 2 spirals that crash into one mirror image.
5. Apply between 4 and 8 rubber bands to divide the shirt into pie wedges.
6. Apply the dye.

3. Leave the spoon in.
Yin-Yang Shirt A

 Mirror Image D

Mirror Image E     Yin-Yang Shirt C

4. Slide on the first two rubber bands before removing the the spoon.

5. Apply 4 to 8 rubber bands to divide the shirt like a pie.
6. Apply the dye.
3. The secret is to not let the pleats get too high or climb on each other. Keep them nice and even.
Yin-Yang Shirt D      

4. Slide on about 8 rubber bands to divide the shirt like a pie.
5. Apply the dye
Tie Die Basics
COLD water method

 1. The dye in it's powder form is a nasty hazard if inhaled. so use caution when mixing. Preferably wear a dust mask. Use procion mx fiber reactive dyes. They are the best. You can get them at art and craft stores. Wildfiber in Santa Monica always has a good stock and pearl often has them as well You can also buy tie dye kits with everything included (Squirt bottles, gloves, rubber bands).

2. Dampen the shirt before tying it. It's easier to work with that way.

3. The tighter the shirt is crinkled or pleated or tied less dye will penetrate, leaving white undyed fabric. The looser it is pleated the more dye will penetrate. The art is finding the right balance of dye penetration for the effect that you want.

4. Soak the shirt in soda ash for half an hour. One cup soda ash to one gallon of water. Wear your gloves as the soda ash is somewhat caustic. Mishaps involving flesh that falls off the bone are both inconvenient and embarrassing.

5. Continue to wear your gloves when applying the dye, unless you want to dye your hands.

6. When applying the dye, you don't want to squirt so much on the shirt that it starts to puddle underneath. but you do want enough to get good penetration.

Checking between a crease here and there to see how it is penetrating is a good practice.

7. Put colors next to each other that will make new desired colors. Avoid mixing green and red, yellow and purple unless you want to make mud. Applying colors in a "rainbow order" (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, red), prevents this.

8. Carefully cover with plastic and don't disturb for about 24 hours.

9. Rinse, rinse, rinse under a warm faucet until the water runs almost clear.

10. Throw it in a warm wash with some liquid laundry soap. This is not a good time to throw in anything else, just what you've dyed, but later, the shirt can be washed with other like colors without causing a problem.

-colors are brighter if urea is added to the dye, but it makes the dye runnier.

-sodium alginate can be added to the dye to make it a little thicker.

----- end of coldwater tie-dye ------


The HOT water method....

Getting Started:

1. Pour the fabric dye in the boiling water. Add a cup of salt.  Wear gloves to protect your hands from being dyed.

2. Use whatever size of cotton that you want.

3. To make a circle, put your finger in the center of the fabric and push up to create a handle. With on elastic band, start at the base of the fabric and twist the band around the handle over and again, until you reach to the top. Make sure it is nice and tight.

4. For the straight lines, fold the material like a fan or accordion shape. When fully folded, tie it all along the length with several elastic bands.

5. You can play with different patterns. Just remember that wherever your elastic bands are, that is where you will get the pattern. Also, remember that the bands must be tight so that the die will not leak in.

6. When you are finished folding and placing elastics. Put the fabric into the dye. Push down with the tongs so that every bit of material is under the boiling water and leave it in until it is a shade darker than you want (approximately 20 minutes).

7. Take the fabric out of the pot and rinse thoroughly. Remove the elastic bands and hang to dry.