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Pic 1

More Samples
Pic 2
Preparing the dyes
*Pic by Michael

Pic 3
Applying the dye
Pic 4
Michael, Danny, Tom, Surya, and David
Pic 5
Pic 6
Applying dye in pie sections
Pic 7
Applying dye in a swirl
Pic 8
After dye is applied
Pic 9
The finished product
Pic 10
Button-up shirt
Pic 11
Button-up shirt
Pic 12
Long-Johns tied & dyed like this make pants shown at right
Pic 13
Long-Johns from left
Pic 14
Tied to make a Peace Sign on a Tank-top
Pic 15
Pic 16
Surya models "Dazzling"
Pic 17
Surya models "Spiral"
Pic 18
David models "Rainbow Zebra"
Pic 19